Terms & Conditions For March 2023 Mosquito Offer:

We are so glad that you hate mosquitoes like we do. We know they are part of our wonderful ecosystem. After all we have learned about trees we have come to believe firmly that every natural thing of this planet is good. What humans need to fit in without harming this planet is knowledge. We wanted to share a solution to the mosquito problem that we believe is not a harmful one. This is what we are offering as part of our MARCH 2023 Home Concepts Magazine promotions.

So while we say we hate mosquitoes we know what we really hate is that they can infect our loved ones with diseases.

We are providing to our customers the following all natural product.

Watch this video and if you want this treatment we will send directly to you enough product to spray around your house perimeter and grass.

When following directions from this product we expect you will have good results.

Please fill out this and we will ship it to you by the first week or so of April.

This offer is free to all customers who signed an agreement for tree services greater than $500 and who notified us of their acceptance of this offer by scanning the code as was indicated in the Home Concepts Magazine of March 2023 and also formally registered here with this form. If any of these terms are irritating like a pesky mosquito just text SEAN GOODMAN at The Certified Arborist Tree Service at 629-268-0888 and he buzz the order over to the shipping department and we will ship the product within 10 days of receipt of your text or of the form.