Only hire a Tree Service.

Tree care projects are dangerous and REQUIRE safety-focused, trained professionals.

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Don’t trust your tree care to just anyone.

stands for the
Certified Arborist Tree Service

Every member of a CATS Certified Arborist Tree Service is a certified arborist, or is in training to become one. Improperly performed tree removals and tree trimming can greatly diminish the value of your property instead of lifting it to new heights.

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We are


Our mission is in our name.

That means every single member of our crew is enrolled in CATS own continuing education to become an ISA Arborist, as well as achieve their CTSP Safety Professional accreditation.

Few other tree services can say that!

We are


We are transparent about our insurance and certifications that protect you and your property.

All CATS have a $1,000,000 general liability to protect your assets and a $500,000 workers comp policy to protect our employees.

We’re reliable & open about our policies.

We are


With over 5000 jobs performed nationally in the area since our founding in 2013, we’ve done it all.

Our on-the-job experience is invaluable when it comes to getting your job done safely, at the best price, & the right way.

We’re here to do the best job we can do.


Only trust a certified arborist to handle your Tree Removal & Trimming

CATS is a full-service tree care company, but most importantly, we’ve got the knowledge to get the job done right. Tree removal and tree trimming is a highly technical process that should only be attempted by seasoned professionals. Our top commitment is to the health and safety of your trees.

Our booksmarts about tree care is only surpassed by our hands-on experience. When you hire the certified arborists at CATS, you know you’re getting an expert reputation, at the best value for your money.